Holland Grills
Go to www.mobilegrills.com for pricing and ordering  your grills or accessories.  or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobile-Grills/190357654464886  phone 614-268-4646

Holland grill is not an "ordinary" gas grill. It is made right here in the USA.  We cook food better and do it more easily than any gas BBQ grill made. Period. Many have tried to copy our unique indirect grilling system but none have succeeded. If you're looking for a gas grill that's easy to use and grills the most tender, juicy food you'll ever taste, you're looking for a Holland Grill. Great food, no flare-ups and hassle-free! Browse our website and watch our videos to find out why YOU should own a Holland Grill. And remember--if you're lookin', you're not cookin! The Epic and Apex grills ship via common carrier. A $10.00 lift gate fee is added to bill for these two grills only.
Free Delivery in the lower 48 states 

Maverick Grill                                  $649.00     


WRANGLER                                                  $679.00     
Epic   $949.00     
Bottom cabinet is pre assembled  $10.00 lift gate fee added to final price
Apex   $1229.00                                                      
Bottom Cabinet is pre assembled 
  APEX body only    $1149.00 
stainless steel grill only  for your build in island.  Free Shipping Continental USA 
  Companion Grill LP   $289.00 
Free Shipping Continental USA gas tank show for demo purpose only.

HOLLAND TAILGATE GRILL ON TRAILER         $2995.00 plus shipping   

Introductory  Special     Deluxe Grill Cover, Cleaning Kit and Flavor Buds   
with the purchase of a new Holland grill only.         $59.95    

Accessories have shipping fees per item   
Holland Sear Mate  

Holland SearMate   $319.99                  

Holland Stainless steel SearMate $459.99 


Companion Grill Bag     A must for Companion owners. A convenient way to keep all your portable grilling utensils together. This heavy duty bag is always ready for your next picnic or tailgate.           
Companion conversion hose     Now you can use larger L.P. tanks with your Companion Grill.  Gas tank shown for demo purpose only.            

Quick disconnect Hose     12 foot extension from your natural gas supply.                    


Build-In island framework kit BHA4000     Island frame kit. Finish with your stone, tile or other material to create that special custom look.                            

 Door Kit for Build In     Stainless steel double doors for Built in Islands.
29 inch opening           $369.99    

  Drawers for Build In     Stainless steel single or double drawers unit for Build in Islands                   
      single   $399.00 

     double   $599.00 


    Stainless steel build in kit $229.99
BHA137TK     Sear mate build    in kit     No Picture yet        $89.00 

Thermometer Wireless     Take the receiver with you        $29.99    

Thermometer Probe/Timer     Set the timer then watch the temperature without opening the lid.
If you're looking, you're not cooking. Includes battery       $26.99

Rib Rack     Small # HGA 302500
Triple the amount of ribs you can grill. Perfect for the whole gang.                         

Deluxe Grill Cover     • Deluxe (full length) - HGA 3001D                         


Half Grid     Increase the grilling surface of your Holland Grill.                    .     


Holland Grill Island
“HM” Series Pre-Finished Island

This stylish yet cost-effective Holland pre-finished island features a stucco finished cabinet and a granite counter top. 18-gage galvanized steel cabinet housing with bolted joints, ventilation openings, four caster wheels and front opening doors. This island model is offered as a standard unit only, without custom options.  The Holland Legacy grill body kit is the perfect choice for this beautiful island. 30”x 60”counter top.
TO ORDER THE ISLANDS send email to jarold4@mobilegrills.com                  
Island Classic Series, 5' cabinet, Apex body, natural gas, and island trim kit                   

 Link to HOLLAND GRILL web page http://www.hollandgrill.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/home.home/index.htm
Truly the longest lasting grill ALL STAINLESS STEEL   The last grill you will ever need to buy.  My grill of choice and personal use.  Bake a pizza in this unit its wonderful.  Just close the valve on the drip pan and add a little water to the pan to steam the crust a little and your get a wonderful crusty hot home baked pizza.  Tip. Add some smoke chips to the smoke pan and you have a wood fired pizza oven for the old world taste.  This unit can grill and smoke a 26# Turkey with room to spare.

With the Holland, you get a grill, a steamer and a smoker -- all for the price of one.


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